Serving Size: 5.2g | Servings per Bottle: 50
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Sophisticated, Whole Body, Stimulant-Based Pre-Workout!

  • Concentrated pre-workout with powerful ingredients
  • Two sources of caffeine to create the ultimate energy
  • Mouth-watering candy-like flavors
  • Sugar Free, Gluten Free and no dyes

What Is PRE-FO?

Magnum PRE-FO is a sophisticated, whole body, stimulant-based pre-workout product. It includes the perfect combination of mind-altering nootropics that synergistically work with two different sources of caffeine to create the ultimate energy experience. It is also maximally dosed with cellular endurance and vasodilation agents to push more blood and oxygen into the working muscle tissue to swell them up like never before.*

What Makes PRE-FO Unique?

PRE-FO is an extremely concentrated pre-workout powder engineered with powerful ingredients like citrulline malate, acetyl l-carnitine, bitter orange extract, l-theanine, and bacopa monnieri. This unique formula is offered in mouth-watering flavors like Candy Cola Bottles and Candy Keys.

The name PRE-FO isn’t just a fun name for a pre-workout. It’s indicative of the four powerful effects this product is designed to elicit: maximized amounts of crazy energy pre-training, insane intensity and razor sharp focus, altered states of happiness and positivity as well as huge pumps and superhuman muscular endurance. PRE-FO was designed to deliver these amazing effects all without the dreaded energy crash experienced when taking other pre-workout supplements.*

Who Is PRE-FO For?

  • Anyone who wants insane energy and focus pre-training*
  • Anyone who wants crazy, long last pumps in the gym*
  • Anyone who wants to ramp up their training and feel good all day*
  • Men and women wanting to build lean muscle tissue*
  • Weekend warriors, bodybuilders and competitive athletes*



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